Few things can be more exhilarating than speeding down a sand-and-gravel trail, cut out in the great Alaskan outdoors!

We are the only outfitter in the region that even offers this fantastic and amazing option!
Don't forget your camera! Take your time and crawl up a steep mountainside to find breath-taking views of the surrounding area!

Are you brave enough to take a chance and go off-trail? You can go enjoy your own unique views of the area with these incredible machines! Just be warned... You are bound to get stuck occasionally. Don't worry! These critters come equipped with winches to drag yourself out of those really sticky situations!

Of course, with our on-site support team, you can comfortably enjoy our flagged and maintained trails. But if you're really worried or have a bad sense of direction, we can also supplement your trail runs with GPS and communications equipment to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment of your trip.

If hunting or fishing is on your list, these machines will make getting up in to those tight, game-infested areas possible, and of course will be a great help to bringing that trophy back for processing!

If prospecting is your thing, then you'd agree that after a hard day's work of digging for your poke, it's nice to be able to load up your gear on these machines and drive on back to camp for dinner, instead of packing everything after you've already worn yourself out having fun. These also help you get farther into the riverbeds and streams where your placer gold is abundant; plus they will bring along all your gear, so you don't have to work as hard.

No matter what your flavor of adventure, you can spice it up with some ATVs!